Monday, August 26, 2013

Tiffanie: this week's menu

Last week went mostly to plan, except the shepherd's pie got bumped due to the husband missing all the meals after Thursday. Yes, I am a startup widow.

My plans this week:

  • big pile of nachos (for me and the kids on Sunday night; they did not appreciate the whole black beans or the tomato chunks. Their loss, it was awesome.)
  • tempeh shepherds pie, green salad, roasted carrots?
  • pasta with Field Roast sausages and collard greens and tomatoes. The kids suddenly like Field Roast sausages! They say they are spicy but good. True.
  • tofu potato mushroom stew with miso gravy. Old standby but so good. It's a two-meal dish, so one night there will be rice under it, maybe some roasted sweet potatoes, another night there will be soba noodles. 
  • sweet potato hash with all the veggies. I've started putting in mushrooms and carrots, which is a nice variation. Collard greens work well when sliced thinly. Hot sauce and fried eggs make it a nice mama-meal.
  • still haven't made granola
  • applesauce, for canning. I kind of doubt I can stay ahead of my husband's love of applesauce, but I may be able to make a dozen or two large Mason jars (24 oz). I'm done with making strawberry freezer jam, I have about ten 8-12 oz jars in the freezer. Plus one huge jar in the fridge. Debating what to do with my lemon cucumbers in the back yard... relish?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tiffanie: this week's menu

Long absence -- had a bad bout of bronchitis and then went to Maui. Very little cooking!

But now real life has returned, with school and bills and hot hot days. My plans for the week include:

  • tomato tortilla soup, with quesadillas. And cold cold beer. And watermelon.
  • tempeh shepherd's pie, with beet salad.
  • spaghetti and beanballs, with broccoli slaw.
  • mapo tofu, with rice, and fried onion pancakes. Something green on the side, whatever my CSA box brings me.
  • sweet potato hash, with other veggies thrown in.
  • vegan blondies (so so good).
  • no bake energy balls
  • granola
What are you eating?