Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tiffanie: this week's menu

Ok, more like the last two weeks... I've been sick forever, so I'm way behind on documenting...

We ate:

  • peanut noodles with baked tofu, roasted seaweed, raw kale salad with avocado
  • chickpea and artichoke heart stew, homemade bread
  • butternut ginger soup, bread
  • curried peanut sauce bowl with kale and tofu (twice, since the sauce makes enough for two meals)
  • bok choy and chickpea saute with toasted cashews, rice, baked tofu
  • pizza night (homemade dough), with spinach and roasted garlic
  • sausage and greens pasta with tomato sauce
  • english jacket potatoes, chickpea cutlets with mustard sauce, cole slaw
  • caramelized leek dal soup, slaw
The plans for this week:
  • leftover caramelized leek dal with jasmine rice and coleslaw
  • tofu mushroom potato stew with miso gravy, collard greens
  • millet spinach polenta with sun dried tomato pesto, roasted sweet potatoes
  • taco night, with chili-beer marinated tempeh and mushrooms
  • pizza night, cause 1/2 the kids like pizza night. And 2/2 eat it.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I've been sick for two weeks straight, so the meals have been quick... Here's what happened in the last two weeks:

  • chana masala (chickpea tomato curry), rice
  • sweet potato and curry soup (quite tasty, has lots of rice in it)
  • pasta night: sun dried tomato and garlic with pine nuts
  • seitan shepherd's pie
  • veggie soup with homemade bread (made my own pureed "bouillon", worked very well)
  • curried peanut sauce bowl with kale and tofu
  • pasta night: tempeh meatballs
  • takeout pizza twice
My plans for this week: (note, I generally plan for Sunday night - Weds, and use leftovers and improvise for the remaining three nights. I should be planning 1-2 more meals, but usually I'm able to create a meal from what we have on hand, plus my CSA box arrives on Weds, so I have more options later in the week.)
  • brown curry with tofu and veggies, rice, sauteed collard greens
  • creole hoppin' jean, spicy cauliflower, chips, guac
  • lentils with spinach and sausage
  • pasta night: eggplant with bread crumbs
I'm still not entirely back to healthy, so I'm keeping it pretty simple. Now that my husband isn't working every Thursday night, I need to start planning another meal again (normally I just made a hash for myself and whatever the kids wanted). It may be time to resurrect the snack plate night...