Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tiffanie: this week's menu

Rather late here... perhaps I need some moral support? People, post!

This past week, we ate:

  • leek potato soup, no-knead bread
  • pasta night: sun dried tomato pine-nut garlic with spaghetti, green salad
  • hoppin' jean, with guac and hot sauce and chips, plus fennel orange salad
  • curried peanut sauce bowl with kale and tofu and rice
  • waffles (wholesome waffles from Isa Does It), roasted purple potatoes with onions and herbs, smoothies. The waffles were pretty good; they have oats and wheat germ and flax seed in them, so they have a nice texture. Kids were split. I like them with some maple syrup.
  • snack plate/leftover night, with English jacket potatoes, simple fried rice (scallions and scrambled egg), etc.

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