Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tiffanie: this week's menu

Another late post...

Last week we planned/ate:

  • curried peanut sauce bowl with kale and tofu and rice
  • cauliflower mushroom pot pie with olive biscuit crust (Veganomicon)
  • tempeh meatballs and spicy slurpy tomato sauce
  • mapo tofu, rice, slaw, roasted seaweed
  • lal dal, rice, sauteed greens
This week's plans include:
  • bok choy with chickpeas and toasted cashews, rice, roasted sweet potatoes
  • broccoli tofu stir fry, rice, seaweed
  • pasta night: garlic/pine nut/sun dried tomato spaghetti
  • chili with mole sauce and zucchini, skillet cornbread
  • posole verde
  • energy balls, muesli
  • sides for when I need one: spicy cauliflower with sriracha, braised fava beans, steamed artichokes with mustard dipping sauce

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