Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I'm trying to plan early this week -- it's only Saturday!! Tonight I'm making a tofu and broccoli stir fry (per last week's menu plan), and the cauliflower is all roasted and eaten. Still have plenty of potatoes, kale, herbs, and squash!

I've got two evenings with little time to cook this week, so I must plan very easy (i.e. leftovers) meals or ones I can cook early in the day. I also have five avocados ripening!

This week:

  • raw kale and avocado salad, as a side
  • breakfast for dinner: pancakes, hash browns, fruit salad
  • corn chowder (2 meals worth)
  • pineapple fried rice
  • tostadas, perhaps with beer-chile marinated tempeh and lots of mushrooms
  • avocado sushi rolls

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