Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I've been slacking due to illness, but here I am again!

Plans for this week:

  • broccoli tofu stir fry, with rice and onion pancakes
  • potato and kale enchiladas with pepitas
  • kale and tofu scramble with chipotle jam sauce, probably over rice with roasted sweet potatoes
  • spaghetti and beanballs, green and tomato salad
Last week I made a carrot ginger soup, which had oats and miso in it. Really tasty. I've been thinking of making a pureed soup during the winter to have on hand for snacks -- just microwave a mug of it! I always get so many winter squashes from my CSA, and the occasional carrot or potato soup would add variety.

I also made a new granola/muesli mix -- oats, millet (soaked first), pistachios, coconut flakes, raisins (or cranberries), maple syrup/honey, coconut oil, and salt. Everything but the dried fruit is mixed together (the sweetener and oil are heated first), then baked at 325 until golden. It's attractive (love those millet grains!), and potentially gluten free.

The enchiladas I'm making this week are a lot of work, but they do last at least two meals, and I miss eating them. They're vegan, but packed with flavor and texture. You make a spicy tomato sauce first, steam the kale, boil the potatoes and make a lime flavored chunky mashed potatoes. Then you assemble everything (the toasted pumpkin seeds are in there somewhere). Delicious!

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