Friday, September 27, 2013

Tiffanie: this week's menu

A bit behind the times; had a birthday party last weekend and it threw off my routine.

This week we have eaten:

  • curry (S&W box) with tofu and veggies, over rice. Roasted seaweed. Sliced tomatoes.
  • taco night with mushrooms and many fixings.
  • red wine braised cabbage with carrots and potatoes and apples and sausages
  • veggie hash (an especially colorful week, with sweet potatoes, peppers, mushrooms, summer squash, and green onions)
  • chocolate chip cookies
I'm doing leftovers of the red wine cabbage dish tonight, with some fresh whole wheat soda bread with millet and raisins. It's a fantastic bread, esp. toasted with jam. Here is a similar recipe:

I've got a bunch of spinach, which usually means millet polenta with spinach and sundried tomato pesto. Mmmm....

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