Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tiffanie: this week's menu

Oh, it's a busy week ahead! Two long day-trips to plan picnics for, plus the usual dinners. The kids are bottom-less pits, thanks to the growing and the pool time.

My plans for this week include:

  • sweet potato hash with eggs, and possible tacos. Pulling this into Sunday for the whole family, as I've got a bunch of beet greens to use up in the hash, plus it is delicious. I'll probably eat it again on Thursday, unless I dig up the recipe for the spicy tomato sauce with baked eggs... mmm.
  • Down-Home Curry with Broccoli and Tofu. Trying out a new Isa recipe. We love curry and veggies, so it should go down well.
  • Lentil-a-roni. Another Isa recipe. Maybe the kids will like it? It'll be good leftovers regardless. We took the kids to an Italian restaurant for the first time (not sure how we managed to wait this long) and they loved the kid pasta with cheese. So much that they ate two orders apiece. And now the five year old has renamed the restaurant "The Famous Pasta Restaurant" because "it's the best". We'll be going back! Oh, the real name is Mio Vicino, and it is very good.
  • Bok Choy with Chickpeas and Cashews... hoping to throw this together after the longer day trip. I'm guessing the kids will eat pasta instead... so far they just eat roasted nori and rice on this meal.
  • mustard maple tempeh, for lunch sandwich wraps on picnics.
  • tabbouleh salad, or at least a variant. I'm not buying tomatoes yet, but I think it'll be a couscous salad with cucumbers and parsley, at least. :-) Or maybe sprouted quinoa...
  • peach raspberry crumble. It's healthier than a cake, right? Maybe.

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