Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I was out of town for a few weeks, making slow cooker meals on the beach and eating out a lot. But now it is really autumn and we all have to eat. 

My plans this week include:
  • kabocha squash stuffed with brown rice and chickpea pilaf, roasted brussels sprouts. This recipe is from Clean Food; I've made it a few times and it is really satisfying and pretty easy to make. I have two small green kabocha to consume; they should be perfect for this.
  • savory black bean soup, corn bread, guacamole. Trying out a recipe in Clean Food; it's a standard sort of black bean soup, with carrots and celery. I may add a few more ingredients, and it's going into the slow cooker, since I'm starting with dried beans.
  • curried peanut sauce with tofu and kale, over brown rice. One of my favorites, even if I have to make a new batch of sauce (it makes enough for two dinners, so I freeze half for the next time).
  • edamame salad. Dori posted this... it's edamame, black beans, corn, peppers, with your favorite dressing. Seems like a nice way to eat more beans. Going to try Vegan Lunch Box's Miracle Asian dressing on it, to see if I can get the kids to eat it.
  • herbed white bean dip. A new recipe from Clean Food. It can also be a sandwich filling with greens and tomato. I'm imagining it hanging around as a snack or lunch item for a few days.
  • sweet potato hash for my solo night.
  • popcorn! 

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