Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I aim to eat all the winter squash my CSA throws at me, which means not letting a week go by without eating some. Otherwise I end up with too many and then avoid them... The green kabocha squash were very good this week, with a chickpea rice pilaf. I tried a new method of cooking them; instead of halving them, I just washed them and poked them a few times, then baked in a pan of water (1/2 inch) at 400F until done. I was suspicious of what the seeds would do, but it was the easiest way to cook squash! I cut them in half and scooped out the soft innards, and used them as bowls for the pilaf on the first meal (I had two kabocha). The second meal, I peeled them (also very easy once cooked) and cut them into crescents next to the pilaf.

My plans this week include:

  • potato leek soup, bread, salad
  • taco night with chile-beer marinated tempeh, yellow rice
  • lentils-rice-caramelized onions with spiced pita crisps, roasted delicata squash, edamame or green salad
  • sloppy joes (lentil based), fennel-orange salad, roasted brussels sprouts
  • eggplant and bread crumb fettuccine, salad

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