Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tiffanie: this week's menu

Hooray, Sunday night and I'm writing my week's entry!

I've been drooling over Home Made and Home Made Winter, which have lovely photos and drawings of the British Isles and food. So this week I'm trying out a few recipes in their honor (besides the 3 minute sticky chocolate cake in a mug). Also, using the vegetables from my CSA box!

Planned meals:

  • a cauliflower gruyere risotto dish, that is baked with bread crumbs on top. Not vegan, but decided to try it as it seems kid friendly and delicious.
  • a sweet potato cabbage parsnip mash (this is my Scottish heritage speaking up), with cornbread and Field Roast sausages on the side.
  • a soup of sweet potatoes and chickpeas and leeks, with buttered cashews on top. Can't resist dishes with cashews on top... Also, a nice loaf of rosemary olive bread I picked up today at Whole Foods.
I haven't figured out what desserty things are due. Maybe a chocolate chocolate-chip walnut cookie?

My in-laws are visiting for nearly a week, starting Friday, so we'll be doing a bit of eating out. And I've decreed Thanksgiving to be Chinese food, either take-out or restaurant. Kids don't appreciate my food enough for me to cook for three hours so they can be done in ten minutes. Liberation!

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