Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jolene: this week's menu

Thanks for the invite, Tiffanie! This is my first official blog. I haven't really been much of a meal planner (lately, or ever?) -- more like a meal forager -- searching the fridge and cabinets to scramble up a last minute dinner. I confess, I'm also a short-order cook for the kids -- which makes for more work (I know, I'd like to phase this out).

Anyhow, this week I am planing on:
  • Veggie burgers with garlic aioli
  • Creamy polenta with meatless ragu
  • Some sort of tofu veggie stir-fry with Penzeys "Sate" & "Trinidad" seasonings w/brown rice topped with (a newly discovered fav) rice seasoning -- Nori Komi Furikake
  • Baked sweet potato w/yogurt chipotle topper
Rainy weather may (hopefully) inspire some soups and/or baked goods...we'll see....

p.s Searching for the ideal belgian waffle maker...any recommendations?

Happy cooking!

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