Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tiffanie: this week's menu

My CSA box is guiding the meals this week, as it should. :-)

The plans include:

  • tofu scramble with greens and roasted potatoes, wrapped up in tortillas. Smoothies.
  • cauliflower mushroom pot pie with olive biscuit crust. Green salad.
  • roasted squash (kabocha or butternut) with rice and chickpea pilaf, roasted beets. Leftovers with sauteed kale and shallots.
  • massur dal and carrot soup. Spiced pita crisps. Green salad.
  • Kids and mama night: potato frittata or sweet potato hash.
  • backup plan: peanut noodles and baked tofu and cabbage slaw
  • extras: maple mustard tempeh (for my lunch wraps), lentil walnut pate (for crackers), easy potato salad (something to try with the kids), pretzels (baking lesson), and rosemary chocolate chip cookies (new recipe to try)
The girl told me today that all my soups are yucky. HOWEVER! Her brother really liked the simple ginger pumpkin soup I made this week. As did I; it was superb with chopped chives.

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