Monday, October 7, 2013

Tiffanie: this week's menu

It's still pretty hot on some days, but the nights and mornings are so cool that my menu planning is wandering into winter territory.

Plans for this week include:

  • popcorn balls, since we never did it last week
  • broccoli with cheddar cheese. The kids love this, but I prefer it on toast with mustard. To each her own.
  • pumpkin soup, with homemade walnut-cherry bread, and salad. I bought a lovely Kabocha squash for this from a harvest festival.
  • lal dal (lentil curry) over rice, with beet salad and pita crisps.
  • tempeh shepherd's pie, green salad.
  • garlic tomato soup, perhaps with some ravioli in it.
  • sweet potato and veggie hash with eggs.
  • spaghetti and beanballs, as a backup meal.
What do you feel like eating these days?

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