Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tiffanie: this week's menu

Oh, Thanksgiving week! I'm doing meals in honor of the season, but eating Chinese takeout on the day of. Mama needs a vacation on the holidays. :-)

My plans this week include:

  • pasta with Field Roast sausages and garlic bread and green salad. Last butter lettuce and last tomatoes of the season!
  • cauliflower mushroom pot pie with olive biscuit crust. Roasted brussels sprouts.
  • roasted kabocha with brown rice and chickpea pilaf
  • potato latkes and applesauce, pumpkin soup.
  • chickpea cutlets with mustard sauce, mashed veggies
  • pumpkin pie from scratch, as I have this winter luxury pumpkin staring at me. Gotta try it once...
  • no-bake energy balls, for the bottomless pit that is my son.
  • popcorn! Since the kids are sick, I foresee lots of movies this week.
  • maple-mustard tempeh -- baked into strips, so yummy as a wrap.
  • apple crisp, since I have a bunch of lovely granny smith apples. Vanilla ice cream is a must...
This is a bit more meal planning than usual, even with the day off for Chinese food, but we're eating up leftovers fast these days as lunches. 

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