Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I've got a new cookbook, Isa Does It! So I'm trying out recipes this week.

My plans include:

  • taco night, with some roasted butternut squash and kale and mushrooms.
  • sushi night with yakisoba (with shiitake and broccoli)
  • a soba bowl, with roasted cauliflower and sprouts and miso tahini sauce
  • soup and bread... probably a simple vegetable soup with tiny pasta, possibly a cabbage potato soup. Or both. Olive oil bread recipe to try out...
  • tofu wrap with edamame hummus and sprouts
  • sweet potato hash with random veggies and eggs
  • pasta + Field Roast sausages + tomato pasta sauce
  • a bran blueberry muffin
The kids and I are discussing having three regular food nights each week: taco, sushi, and pizza. They like building their own food, and each food type is welcomed by the kids. The prep time is pretty minimal for me (mostly cooking rice and making pizza dough), and we can do different toppings/fillings as the seasons change. Seems like a good way to get them more involved with prepping dinner and eating more veggies.

Do any of you have regular scheduled themed dinners each week?


  1. We used to have pizza night every monday, where'd I'd use TJs dough and the kids would dictate what they'd want. We also generally have miso for lunch once a week or so, they LOVE miso. I should have more meals like that, so they actually eat something I prepare.