Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I'm still trying out my new Isa cookbook!

This week's plans include;
  • taco night
  • sushi night (just avocado/fried sweet potatoes, plus some miso soup)
  • Harira soup, plus olive oil bread and salad. The soup is Moroccan, I think, and has eggplant and tomatoes and chickpeas and angel hair pasta... it seems very hearty and tasty.
  • Mapo tofu, brown rice, cabbage slaw, onion pancakes (possibly home made)
  • pesto cauliflower linguine with breaded tofu, salad
  • mustard tempeh wraps (more of a lunch thing)
Lots of tofu this week, guess I'm just in the mood for it. Or lazy...

Oh, and I found frozen cherries, so I'm going to make the delicious chocolate cherry mini loaves!

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