Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tiffanie: this week's menu

The rainy season starts this week, so I'm going for stews and pot pies.

My plans:

  • mushroom taco night
  • tofu potato mushroom stew with miso gravy. Roasted delicata squash.
  • cauliflower pot pie with olive biscuit crust. Roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.
  • Field Roast Italian sausages fried with onions and peppers, in sandwich rolls. Potato salad of some variety.
I've got two built in sets of leftovers, with the stew and pot pie. I may also make a soup, perhaps a carrot soup? I need to use up a bunch of green beans somehow this week. I've got kale; I found a lovely red wine braised kale recipe -- you put it on toasted baguette rubbed with garlic, with an egg on top. That will be a lunch for me! 

I still have four little roasted beets which will get eaten in a salad, too. And two older fennel bulbs I think I will pickle, as they taste pretty good that way. 

I am fermenting about three pounds of cabbage, starting today, so perhaps it will be ready for some sampling by the time we get to the sausages.

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