Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Deadra: menu

I think this will be less of a menu and more of a EUREKA! post.
I enjoy making menus but it's always been tedious to follow them.  Even though I am married to a Google geek I tend to be a paper and pen girl.  I enjoy the act of writing, but it is wasteful, and the geeky husband isn't so likely to read what I've written on a scrap of paper.  So he's been hounding me forever to use Google Calendar consistently and I'm pretty good, I keep up with my on goings.  But I find it lacking in using it to keep track of my calendar, the kids's calendars, my menus and ongoing tasks.  I lamented to Adam (the geeky husband) that I needed something that combined all of this easily, and sadly Google doesn't have this product.  (yet?)  So Adam's instructed me to do this and that and it's never worked or it just didn't feel seamless to me it was clunky.  Until now.  (you knew that was coming!)  
So what I've been doing has been to create 3 other calendars, menu- dinner, menu- lunch and menu- breakfast, then I hover my cursor under the date and click, creating an event, then I choose the calendar (which has been colour coded, breakfast, lunch, dinner) write as the event the 'what' and if I need to add notes or a link I click on 'edit event'.  So now on my calendar I can see my menus and Adam can decide if he's coming home for dinner.  Plus I love how I don't have to hunt for the link!

So you can see I have dinners planned all next week, but only lunch and breakfast planned for Monday.  (dinner is purple, lunch is blue and breakfast is pink).  Also a peek at my week.  heh. 

So I am sure that this isn't new to many of you, but it's handy for me!

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  1. Yes! I LOVE color-coded calendars. I have 11 of them (no joke... the kids each get their own for extra curriculars, and then school, work, etc.)