Monday, March 25, 2013

Candice: Two Weeks Out?

Dea has started meal planning for two week periods, which intrigued me. So I tried to put together a two-week menu this weekend, keeping in mind what we already have in the house and what is likely to come in from our every-other-week CSA. This week we are having:
Monday; Tri-tip, mashed potatoes, artichokes, spinach salad
Tuesday: Nacho Night! (This takes many forms, but basically means ground meat of some kind prepped with taco seasoning and guac, salsa, corn, shredded cheese, etc on a bed of tortilla chips or an actual tortilla. Almost healthy!)
Wednesday; We'll be at a comic book signing so dinner will be out somewhere
Thursday; Butternut squash soup with beans, greens and sausage
Friday; Balsamic roasted veggies (fennel, carrots, potatoes) with pork chops and quinoa
Saturday: Leftovers, and I'm making Warm German Potato Salad for an Easter party
Sunday; Who the hell knows

Next week:
Monday; Mama is out for meetings, so dinner will be something frozen or leftovers
Tuesday; Nacho Night! They keep eating it!
Wednesday; Chicken soup with lots of carrots
Thursday; Breakfast for dinner (hash browns, eggs, bacon)
Friday; The boy and I will be in Florida, Daddy and Little Miss will be on their own

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