Monday, July 28, 2014

Tiffanie: this week's menu

The hot continues, but we persevere...

My plans include:

  • creole hoppin' jean, with chips and guac, plus braised romano beans with chard and leeks and garlic.
  • mushroom and cauliflower pot pie with olive biscuit crust. Salad?
  • vegan ramen attempt #1. Trying out a grilled ramen recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen. It looks very edible.
  • posole verde (vegan) with mushrooms. An old favorite, and spur of the moment, as I saw both tomatillos and the poblano peppers at the grocery store this week. I'll probably use the slow cooker, despite using canned hominy and beans; the flavor is just so good with the slow cooking.
  • breakfast for dinner, as the kids love pancakes and I love home fries.
  • snack plate! Such a big hit with the kids.

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