Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lisa: What We're Eating

Here's what we've been eating:

Veggie, tofu and turkey fried rice

Fixings for fried rice coming together
Honey-Maple Chicken (a.k.a. "Man-Pleasing Chicken" via Pinterest) done in the crock-pot
Artichokes from the farmer's market

Artichokes at farmer's market looked so fresh

Grilled salmon, heirloom long-stemmed broccoli from the farmer's market, cous cous/quinoa/grain mix
Grilled pork tenderloin - simple, with just olive oil and salt
Split pea and ham soup with carrots, celery and onion done in the crock-pot
Roasted beets with feta and green salad with mangoes, feta, roasted beets and roasted almonds
Roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes
Grilled asparagus with salt and lemon
Zucchini "coins" with assistance from kids - steam zucchini circles, top with parmesean, melt in oven
Breakfast: Dutch Baby, crepes and French toast (my husband is responsible for these)
Dutch Baby all puffed up out of the oven. It deflated seconds later.


  1. Thank you for all the great pictures!

    I must ask, what is a Dutch Baby?

  2. I love favas, are they in season again?
    Tiff they're pancakes, generally Swedish.

  3. Yes, favas are in season now. The are kind of a pain to shell, but it's a good job for the kids. They seem to really enjoy it.

    Dutch baby is a giant pancake that is cooked in the oven and puffs up with a big dome, then quickly collapses. Often served with powdered sugar, cooked apples, or other fruit and syrup toppings.