Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My CSA box this week

Italian Parsley
Yellow or Red Spring Onions
Red Butter Lettuce
Kale: Scotch or Lacinato
Collard Greens
Strawberries or Oyster Mushrooms

Interesting mix of veggies! I've never used rhubarb before, but I imagine that a dessert could be made with it and strawberries. :-)  Maybe an easy crumble? I need my new oven!

If I get the mushrooms, I'll garlic fry them up and put them on top of lentils and fried onions. That dish was so very tasty I want to eat it again. And this time I'll add parsley!

I think I'll steam the artichokes and make a mustard vinaigrette to dip the leaves into. That's the only way I've ever eaten whole ones -- what do you do?

The collard greens belong with black eyed peas, in my mind. Nice easy meal.

I might make the kale into a raw salad, since that is such a great way to eat kale. Last time I added toasted pine nuts, which was very good.

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  1. I steam/ boil artichokes and eat them plain, but also love them with dips. I love artichokes. Lots of fiber and other yummy things.