Monday, May 21, 2012

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I'm making good progress on the veggies in the fridge; we've knocked off the kale, half the zucchini, the bok choy, some lettuce, the fava beans, the spring onions (made quickles!)...

I'm planning to make:

  • mapo tofu, rice, onion pancakes, sauteed kohlrabi, roasted zucchini
  • baked potatoes with chili, sauteed swiss chard, etc.
  • mushroom tofu potato stew with miso gravy. This is a big stew, so it'll be eaten over two days, with rice or pasta. I bought a parsnip to throw in, as I love parsnips. And I'll roast sweet potatoes on the side. Cabbage salad, perhaps with toasted almonds and bits of ramen noodles.
I hope that my fridge will be emptied out pretty well by Wednesday, for the next CSA box. :-)

The fava bean salad I made last week was excellent -- I recommend it highly. It was labor intensive -- the fava beans have to be shelled, then blanched, then peeled, and there is a hidden step of making quickles (quick pickled spring onions). The quickles are easy, and very yummy.

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