Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tiffanie: my menu this week

We've got family coming to stay with us for a week starting on Wednesday, which will mean more restaurant dinners. So I'm just planning through Wednesday, and it'll be ad hoc after that (based on what is in the CSA box).

My plans for this week include:

  • taco night (a weekly fixture!)
  • Lal dal with jasmine rice, steamed artichokes
  • peanut noodles, raw kale salad with toasted pine nuts, and probably onion pancakes
  • Lentil soup, from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook. I adore this recipe, and I have a bunch of aging leeks that need to go into it. 
  • orzo spinach olive salad. I saw this at Whole Foods, and I remembered making huge batches of it a couple of summers ago. I need to drag up my notes... I recall using varied ingredients in addition to the required orzo and olives. Feta, toasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, basil...
  • cilantro cashew cream; I saw this on Soulemama this week, and it sounds like a lovely addition to my Mexican food addiction. Also a good way to use up CSA herbs and greens...

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