Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FoodNoob: Bison Meat & Too much fire

Today the meals were interesting. And after the meals we had more excitement with an unplanned fire.

Meal #7 - Oatmeal

In any relationship there is the eternal conversation. It's not heavy such as "What is life all about?" It's just "What do YOU want to eat?" I have been having this conversation with friends and family for years. This morning I had it with my 3 year old daughter.

Daughter: Daddy wake up!
Me: Please don't jump on Daddy.
Daughter: I'm hungry!

<we run to the kitchen. OK she runs.>

Me: Do you want cheerios?
Daughter: No.
Me: Eggs?
Daughter: No.
Me: What do you want?
Daughter: I don't know. I'm Hungry!
Me: Oatmeal?
Daughter: Yay!

So we had oatmeal.

Meal #8 - SafeWay Hot Chicken Tortilla

As discussed in the last blog entry, I invented a whole new form of food. It's a hot sauce chicken wrap with all the ingredients supplied by Safeway. My wife read the blog (hi honey!) and she got a hankering.

So we ate that.

Meal #9  - Bison vs. Beef

I got the grill working yesterday. It was time to make hamburgers. But I wanted to do it right. So I went to the Safeway at 1AM last night.

Never go to Safeway at 1AM. It' is like the John Hughes movie time forgot. It is not cool. It is not romantic. People are working hard in the aisles to set up for tomorrow. You do not belong in their space. 

The scene screams "You should not be here. College is over. Get a life" Midnight is fine for some reason. But after 1AM it's just depressing.

I found grass-fed beef. I love this stuff. The corn-fed beef just doesn't taste right. Bonus points to any reader who knows what tim allen movie has him complimenting his hosts on the grass fed beef from iowa.

Right next to it was bison meat. Dinner would include a taste test to see if there is a difference between beef or bison.

The next day we did hamburgers for dinner. I fried up apple smoked bacon, got fresh lettuce, gourmet mustard and heinz ketchup. I toasted buns. Sparkling pink lemonade was served to the beautiful wife. Domestic swiss cheese was applied to the burgers on the grill. The grill cooked each patty to 160 degrees as dictated by the FDA.

My daughter ate pasta for the third night running. One day I will come home and discover she has turned into a piece of linguini.

The meal took over an hour to prepare start to finish but was a success! I was at a twitter with anticipation when my wife tried her first bite. A new sensation.

We could all taste the difference between Bison Burger vs Beef Burgers and we like the Bison ones better.

Adventure - Grill catches fire

On another scary note. My grill caught fire and is now half melted. So my luck with cooking holds.

The grill is over ten years old. It's a portable weber. We have not used it in at least three years. We recently moved. The grill was relatively clean thanks to a friend from Illinois.

After the burgers were finished I left it on low for three minutes just to burn off the excess grease. When I returned to the grill to turn it off it was smoking quite a bit. There were flames in the grill area much stronger than I had left it. Also the dial that controls the gas flow and connects the grill to the propane tank was on fire.

I am not a grill expert but this did not seem good.

I used the quick release valve to remove the tank and drag it far from the grill.
Then I grabbed the garden hose and put out the fire.

Time to buy a new grill.

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