Sunday, August 5, 2012

FoodNoob: 100 meals

I have not made a meal in about five years. I used to cook in college but it was routinely breakfast. I took a french class once and learned how to make creme brulee.  But usually I depend on restaurants, frozen food and the kindness of others. This has allowed me to live about 40 years.

My wife is both beautiful and a fantastic cook. Over the 15 years we have been together I have occasionally made grand gestures such as:

"I will cook, one night a week!"

This has yet to happen.

I am pretty uncomfortable in the kitchen.

I have had problems boiling water.
I have had challenges cleaning a non-stick pan.
When I cut carrots my wife takes the knife away from me. For my own safety.

Last week we had a baby. Our second baby. Two things occurred at once.

1) I was given 6 weeks off work for "baby bonding" time.
2) My wife informed me I am in charge of all meals (except the new baby's).

That is over 100 meals. Including food planning and grocery shopping.

I will try to document every meal as we go starting today.

Let the tale of 100 meals begin!

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