Friday, August 10, 2012

Deadra: Hiatus!

Oh my word!  It's been a long time!
In the past few months I've been delinquent on my writing, cooking and thereby writing about cooking!
My wee family and I sold our quaint townhome and bought a much larger house complete with a giant yard and a giant kitchen.  I'm mostly settled into the kitchen, but I'm still sorting out the best arrangements for my vast assortment of everything.  I was pretty spoiled in the old place with the giant pantry we had custom built.  I have about the same amount of storage now, but it's arranged differently, but I'm sorting it out.
In the meantime I've been doing some cooking, lots of baking projects with my posse, and recovering from vacation food and eating out for many weeks since we sold the other house.
We're on the hunt for a natural gas BBQ and I'm excited to hone my grilling skills.  Adam is excited that he'll get to reap the rewards of having a BBQ and a wife excited to char some vittles for him.
Also with the new house I plan to reconfigure the front yard into a giant front yard garden.  I hope to chatter about my ongoings with that here, to share what I have coming up and perhaps let you know when harvest is, since I expect I will have much of everything, because I have a giant front yard and I am determined to not have just grass out there.  In the mean time, if you want some lemons, I have plenty!
Oh it's nice to be back!

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