Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CSA Box this week

Salad Mix (4 different baby lettuces)
Carnival Squash
Red Russian Kale
Bunched Chantenay Carrots
Celery root
Broccoli di Cicco

My CSA, High Ground Organics, just started up their spring session last week. They give me a box of whatever is ready for harvest, so it's always different and interesting. I enjoy the challenge of using random vegetables, so I've stuck with them for four or five years now.

Possible plans for this box: the salad mix will probably become salad. The squash will either be a soup or roasted. Maybe stuffed? The kale may become a raw salad, it's been a while since the last one. Carrots get into soups and are eaten raw. The fennel is tough for me, I'm not a fan of it. I may just chop it up and use it in a soup, same with the celery root. I have some good winter root vegetable soups in Clean Food, they're very healthy! I'm assuming this is broccoli (not sure what the di Cicco means), so I may put it into a tofu stir fry or make it into a side dish salad.


  1. 5 celery roots!

    The broccoli de cicco turns out to be a bag of baby broccoli pieces. Almost looks like rapini.

  2. I love fennel roasted with balsamic vinegar!