Sunday, March 25, 2012


This week I am single parenting, so I plan to have easy meals for me and the little meeps.
I forsee:
frittatas/ mini crustless quiches
homemade banana bread
homemade donuts
homemade cookies
homemade english muffin bread.

and some other things if I can get myself in gear. Mostly the kids want to bake and cooking will take my mind of off being a single parent.

Regarding the banana bread, I am working out a recipe that uses a lot of bananas for sweetness, some unusual grains like teff and a little maple syrup. Also toasted walnuts will be featured.
I tend to find a recipe and then alter is until it's nearly unrecognizable from the original. I guess I could call it my own. Stay tuned for lots of these bastardized recipies, they will feature healthier options (like whole grains and no sugar, but other kinds of sweeteners) and fun other things!


  1. The banana bread recipe I use calls for 4 bananas - the most I've seen out of all the banana bread recipes I've looked at (and believe me, I've looked at a lot). I've also subbed whole wheat flour for white flour and canola oil instead of butter. Yum!

  2. Ah, but did you see the Cooks Illustrated recipe this past year? I believe it calls for five, though it cheats a bit in that one of them is sliced for a layer on top of the cake... It does have an interesting technique you can steal, though. You microwave the bananas to get them to release their water (making the bread less gummy) and you reduce that liquid on the stove to make a concentrated banana flavored liquid you add back into the recipe.

  3. Nancy, I made a loaf with 10 last time, best banana bread I've ever made. Tiff you had some. Although it made 2 loaves, so it was only 5 each.
    Tiff I've done that! It makes it taste more caramel-ey.