Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lisa: What We're Eating

We took a vacation, so it's an abbreviated week. The crock-pot is getting some use for dinner:

-Slow-cooked chicken, shredded, and used for chile verde enchiladas (for adults) and tacos (for kids - they rejected the chile verde sauce).

-Crock-pot corned beef with red potatoes, carrots and cabbage (making up for being away for St. Patrick's Day)

Lunching and snacking on:
-Cold San Jose Tofu (very soft!) with soy sauce and nori
-Still more blood oranges and Cara Caras
-Raw sugar snap peas, cucumbers and hummus
-Trying out sprouted wheat bread from TJs this week. Usually eat Beckmann's whole wheat, but didn't make it to the right store this week, so we're trying something new.

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