Sunday, March 25, 2012

Late Sunday Dinner

Tonight we were out too late running errands, so dinner had to be quick. While the boys vacuumed out the minivan and the toddler "unloaded" groceries, I pulled together one of the unused recipes from last week. Red bell pepper slices, cubed hamsteak, garlic, pine nuts and frozen spinach went in the frypan, and I put water on to boil for orzo. My little chef came in halfway through and helped me put the spinach in the pan. Then the kids cleared and set the table. Everything was ready within 45 minutes, perilously close to bedtime. But all was well, especially when Little Miss discovered the ham.

Notes for next time:
-Serve the orzo separately, perhaps with the pine nuts or other flavorful somethings
-Or skip the orzo and try rice, quinoa, or couscous
-double the spinach and add yellow or orange peppers as well
-figure out a way to get a salad on the table, or another vegetable

Someday this won't be such a struggle for me. Probably when we hire our live-in chef.


  1. That sounds good! And you say you don't cook!

  2. I interviewed a potential babysitter from today (as a backup) and she's a personal chef as well! Graduated w/ culinary degree. Charges $15/hr to watch kids and/or cook a few meals at a time. Woot!