Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Meal Planning

It's Sunday afternoon, and I am about look over this week's calendar and take stock of the fridge and panty. My husband and I have a couple of standing events we attend every week, and some that occur monthly, so my menu for the week has to reflect that. I love writing down my meals in a little red moleskin planner but always end up transcribing them to the iCal calendar my husband and I share. If I don't do that he deviates from the plan and I find myself short ingredients later on, or overloaded with something he neglected to use. Right now I try to cook at least twice a week, on his busiest nights, but sometimes that goes awry as well. You can see for yourself in last week's plan:

• Monday: Chicken wrapped in bacon with greens, changed to BBQ chicken with warm german potato salad due miscommunication
• Tuesday: Pulled pork sandwiches and warm german potato salad
• Wednesday: Steak, beans and broccoli; changed to mac and cheese with edamame because I forgot to soak the beans
• Thursday: Slow cooker vegetable soup in bread bowls
• Friday: Ham steak, orzo, bell peppers, spinach; changed to slow cooker vegetable soup due to unexpectedly high amounts of soup (one danger of deviating from the recipe!)

Maybe this week we can stick to the plan. Unlikely, but possible.

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