Monday, March 19, 2012

Deadra: Introduction

Hi foodies!
Over the past few years since I've had children I've really started to focus on what I prepare for my family to put in their bodies. Some would say that my interest on what they eat and how it's grown, raised and prepared is just on this side of an obsession, but I think I am doing what I can to ensure the health of my family and of the environment.
I think if you had to pin down what my food philosophy is, I think it would be whole, traditional foods. Think homemade breads, homemade yogurt, homemade everything.
I've dabbled in fermenting with wonderful results. I've even ground my own grains. I love to experiment with food, and this year my goal is to make better use of my extensive spice collection, (I <3 Penzeys) and to learn more Mexican dishes, since they seem to be a favourite of my family.
My lovely Grannie mostly taught me to cook, but she had a very English style, augmented heavily by the Depression, so everything was cooked to death, and we always make excellent use of leftovers. There was little seasoning, other than love, and dinner was always served promptly at five to coincide with the evening news. Then after living in Korea my palate changed significantly, and I prefer Asian flavours. Now that we live in California, where I am able to have fresh organic local everything, I do my best to stick to local ingredients, but that doesn't mean I won't use that amazing Madagascar Vanilla I have sitting in my cupboard!
I do eat meat, but we buy our meat by the beast. I have sourced out a lovely farm where the animals are treated right, which satisfies my desire to make sure that the animals I eat are the healthiest for my family, the environment and for themselves!
I shop less than you would think, instead making use of CSAs for fruits and veggies and more recently raw milk and eggs. I buy maple syrup by the gallon and yeast by the pound. I can't wait to share my menus and food tid bits with everyone!
Happy eating!

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