Monday, April 2, 2012

Candice: Bastardizing Cook's Illustrated's Chicken Piccata Recipe

Saturday we started an epic Chicken Piccata assembly line. I was in charge of pounding, seasoning, and flouring twelve chicken breasts that were then passed along to the husband for his part in the process.

Cook's Illustrated calls for shallots but we often use onions. I also insist on extra capers. And I always cut corners on trimming the chicken…I rarely cut off the cutlet, and never trim the fat. No one has complained yet. This time we used meyer lemons from my friend's yard.

Pan frying delicious, delicious chicken meats. These are Whole Foods-branded organic chicken breasts. I may have flattened them a bit too much, but the mallet is so much fun.

We were gifted mostly-matching aprons, so I silkscreened a skull on mine. It's a dingbat from a long-forgotten typeface.

After they're cooked they sit in the oven awaiting delicious sauces. Don't mind our pizza stone. It's mostly there to help regulate the oven's temperature. How this is supposed to happen is beyond me. I blame Alton Brown.


Plated! I kind of bludgeoned this chicken breast into something resembling a continent.

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