Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lisa: Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal

I had never heard of overnight refrigerator oatmeal until I saw it on Pinterest. Had to give it a try last week.

Though the little jar idea is cute, I elected to just triple the one-jar recipe and then add toppings later so that the fruit would be fresh and each person could have whatever portion size and topping they wanted. I used honey, oats, chia, Greek yogurt, and milk, as the recipe recommended. In the morning, I topped with fresh chopped mangoes and strawberries.

Verdict: A hearty breakfast. I liked it but didn't adore it, though would consider making it again as an easy way to include chia in our diet. After all, I have a giant bagful of chia seeds waiting around in my cupboard. I thought the chia softened up to a nice, less-crunchy texture, after soaking overnight. The oats? Well, they were a little to "oaty" for me. I think I prefer the comfort of cooked oatmeal. My 6-year-old ate it up, but the 4-year-old rejected it. But perhaps if I did the cocoa-banana-peanut butter version, everyone might gobble it up? And with summer and berry season just around the corner, I think I'll be more in the mood for something cool and yogurt-y.

I will probably try this again sometime, but perhaps with variations. Maybe I'll even just soak chia in Greek yogurt overnight and forgo the oats entirely, or reduce the amount.

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