Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tiffanie: this week's menu

I am still without an oven, but I did buy a microwave this week, so at least leftovers are easy!

I'm pulling some recipes from World Vegetarian this week, and one from Clean Food.

Meals for this week include:

  • taco night, as always! I bought a jicama and cut about a third of it into spears to eat with the tacos. I liked them, but I think I'll try adding some cayenne pepper and lime juice next time. I also ate a black radish -- they are really black! Flavor and texture are as expected, but the skin is thicker and rougher than a red radish.
  • Lentils and Onions with Garlicky Mushrooms on top. Also a dollop of yogurt is recommended. I think I'll add pita bread on the side, and a green salad.
  • My easy favorite, bok choy chickpea cashew saute. With fried onion pancakes! I made this last week, but then got more bok choy in the CSA box on Weds. So I will make it again.
  • White Beans with Rosemary. I love this combo. I bought dried baby lima beans, and I'm going to get a baguette and saute garlic and swiss chard as a side or topping.
This only gets me through Wednesday... 

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