Sunday, April 15, 2012

Deadra: Natto

So I am all freaky and like to ferment foods in my kitchen. It's not uncommon to see something brewing on my counter. Vats of vegetables, homemade kimchi, various types of keifer, yogurt, you name it, I'll ferment it. (I've even tried my hand at injera, and failed, miserably).
However I've never really considered making natto, not sure why, I love it and eat it sometimes. (And I would love for my kids to like it, any ideas how to serve it up sweet for them?)
Today I stumbled onto this video, and it looks so easy! Pretty much just like making yogurt! Although I think I'll use my dehydrator to maintain the temperature, and I don't think I need to double tent it and put it in a bag.
I'll keep you all updated! Then I'll share!

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