Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Somen Salad with Egg, Char Siu, Lettuce, and Green Onion

Recipe from The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook
Tonight, I tried this recipe for somen salad and both the husband and toddler liked it well enough that I'm adding it to our summer meal rotation. It's a nice and light, refreshing dish, great for summer since it is served cold or at room temp, and as Lisa pointed out in a different post, good for picnics and potlucks. The husband ate two big bowls while the toddler carefully picked each noodle up one by one and slurped it up (although she can use a fork, this method helps her weed out any other ingredient but noodle and dressing).

The recipe was very easy to make, mostly just chopping and mixing ingredients. The somen itself takes only two minutes to cook in boiling water. My only changes were that I left out the kamaboko (fish cakes) because I didn't have them and I used less oil than the recipe calls for and substituted some sesame oil in place of the canola oil. This dish will definitely make it on the menu for a party or picnic and I may try adding edamame, julienned carrots and/or cucumber, next time around to see if I can get some veggies into the toddler.


  1. I usually use rice vinegar and sesame oil - that's what my recipe calls for. And, when I am feeding vegetarians, I usually do exactly what you said - julienne carrots and cucumber to include in place of the kamaboko and ham.

    1. Somen noodles seem like they're pretty versatile and the recipe can be adapted easily. Looking forward to playing with trying different ingredients over the summer! My husband ate the leftovers the next night and still loved it.