Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tiffanie: this week's menu

We moved in last Thursday, and haven't really unpacked the kitchen fully yet. Also, I am lacking a microwave and oven temporarily, so all my cooking has to be on the stovetop.

This week's planned dinners:

  • taco night (fried mushroom, refried beans, yellow rice, scallions, radishes, lettuce, cheese for the kids)
  • kale and tofu scramble with cherry chipotle sauce (I ran out of jam, only had some experimental cherry jam I canned last summer. Didn't jell well, but tasted great for a sauce).
  • peanut noodles, broccoli, onion pancakes, mangos (I bought those small yellow ones after seeing Bernadette's post)
  • a bok choy chickpea saute with cashews over rice

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