Monday, April 2, 2012

Candice: Vacation Cooking, in which I fail at food porn

My husband took the last week off work for a much-deserved break. We challenged ourselves to use just the ingredients we had on hand for most of the week, so there were some…interesting meals.

Monday we had marinated skirt steak, quinoa, and a pile of broccoli. Little Miss inhaled the broccoli. Good job, kid. Next time I will add more to the quinoa, and try for some kind of salad-y side. I always get so caught up in making the hot things that I forget about the cold things until it's too late.
Tuesday my husband decided to make meatballs from scratch. I made some pasta sauce. Everything we going great until we realized we were out of pasta (dur). So we had polenta…with a side of corn (double dur). Still, the kids ate it.

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