Friday, April 13, 2012

Deadra: Mexico eating and refried beans

My little family just returned from Mexico where we stayed in an all inclusive resort, which was nice, relaxing and all of those good things. But the food? Was bad! I was so excited to go to Mexico and have some authentic Mexican food, because since I've been living in California I've had tastes of varying levels of authentic Mexican food, and you know, I like it! But the food at the resort was horrible. There were a bunch of different types of restaurants: Asian, Italian, Mexican, French and a buffet. We tried the Asian, Mexican and French and the buffet out of convenience. It was all pretty bad. And now I feel like a total snob. To be fair the food at the wedding was good though, although the stuff the kids were given was pretty slap dash. ("chicken" nuggets and spaghetti?) So I am happy to be home to cook again, and get some healthy food into my family after a week of too many icecream cones and lots of virgin frozen margaritas.
The best food thing about the resort though, was the fresh papaya. How I love papaya!
My 4 year old decided that she needs to survive on refried beans while we on vacaiton, so I figure I should learn to make them.
Today I did just that.
Easy, not authentic, Refried beans.
1 can of black beans, no salt added, mostly drained
dash of cumin
sprinkle of salt
spash of Bragg's or soy sauce

Spill the can of beans into a small pan, with a little of the liquid, and heat,
add seasonings to taste and then mash the little suckers until you have the consistency you prefer.

(over brown rice with ghee if you're my children)

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